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I love furniture, ornaments and other pieces that have a history to them. Almost everything in my home has a story behind it: I have a coffee table made out of old fishing boats from Bali, a light fitting that was first used on a cruise ship in 1902 and a bedstead I put together myself from pieces of driftwood! Furniture like this adds beauty, texture and depth to any interior design scheme--and it's easier to find than you might imagine, too. I've started this blog to share my passion for reclaimed and recycled furniture with the world, and I hope you're able to learn something new and exciting here.

Can You use Bedding and Towels Instead of Furniture Blankets?

20 August 2018
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During a move, you should protect your furniture to avoid scratching or damage when you load and unload it on to your van. While furniture blankets are often used to do this job, you may be wondering if you can skip a step and just use your bedding or towels as covers. Is this a good idea? Damage Protection Furniture covers are typically padded to protect furniture from scratches and knocks. Read More …

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right Furniture Paint

3 January 2017
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Paint can give anything in a room a complete makeover: ceiling, accessories, walls and even furniture. In fact, it's one of the most transformative options you have at your disposal. Most people concentrate on finding the best paint for their walls and ceilings, only to forget about furniture paint. Your furniture should come last and should complement your wall and ceiling colours. Selecting the right colour scheme for your furniture will make your furniture shine and increase its value. Read More …

Buying Guide: Structural Options for Your New Mattress

28 December 2016
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You should consider purchasing a new mattress if you have had your old product for a long time. In general, mattresses will lose their reliable structural support as they are used and become older. Therefore, you are more likely to experience back pain and poor quality sleep on the worn product. You will get better body support on a firmer alternative, and modern mattresses are normally designed to relieve pressure from the body for better sleep. Read More …

Important Things to Put Into Account When Purchasing Café Patio Furniture

14 December 2016
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If you are a café owner looking forward to maximise on your patio space by serving your customers there, investing in good-quality furniture can be a really profitable decision over the long term. But making a good selection is not always easy, given that there are several types of furniture you can set up in your outdoor café space. If it is you are shopping around for café patio furniture for the first time, and don't have the slightest clue about where to start, here is a look at some basic considerations you should take into account. Read More …

Decorative Screens: Ways to Make Use of Them in Your Home

5 December 2016
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Although decorative screens are not new to interior design, not many homeowners know how best to make use of them. Decorative screens actually originated in Japan. They are referred to as shoji screens, and although they would be used primarily for privacy, there are a myriad of other applications that they can be put to good use. The following are some of the creative ways that you can make use of decorative screens in your home. Read More …