Can You use Bedding and Towels Instead of Furniture Blankets?

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Can You use Bedding and Towels Instead of Furniture Blankets?

20 August 2018
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During a move, you should protect your furniture to avoid scratching or damage when you load and unload it on to your van. While furniture blankets are often used to do this job, you may be wondering if you can skip a step and just use your bedding or towels as covers. Is this a good idea?

Damage Protection

Furniture covers are typically padded to protect furniture from scratches and knocks. Your sheets and quilt covers may not be thick enough to do this job. Plus, if you have an accident when you're moving a piece, then you may damage your bedding as well as the furniture itself.

This doesn't matter so much with furniture blankets, which you won't need to use again. But, if you end up with rips or tears in your bedding, then you'll have to buy replacements. Towels are more padded than bedding; however, they aren't always big enough to cover furniture adequately.

Size Matters

Ideally, any protection you put over a piece of furniture is big enough to cover it completely; furniture blankets come in various sizes for this reason. However, depending on the size of the pieces you're moving, your bedding or towels may not be big enough for complete coverage. You can get around this by using multiple sheets, quilt covers or towels on large pieces of furniture, but you'll have to tie them together somehow to keep them in place.

This makes it harder, and sometimes more hazardous, to move furniture. For example, if you've used a couple of quilt covers on a large wardrobe and one of the them slips out of position, then it'll be difficult to carry the wardrobe safely if you're also dealing with a cover flapping around your feet.

Cleaning Issues

Moving furniture is often a dirty and dusty job. Chances are, you'll have to wash any sheets, quilt covers or towels you use as furniture blanket alternatives before they are ready to use again. This an extra job you could probably do without during a move.

If you're moving furniture yourself, then you may find it easier to invest in some furniture blankets to protect both your furniture and your bedding. If you're hiring some help, furniture removal services usually provide blankets to make the moving process easier. To check, ask your removals company how they plan on protecting your furniture in its journey to your new home.