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I love furniture, ornaments and other pieces that have a history to them. Almost everything in my home has a story behind it: I have a coffee table made out of old fishing boats from Bali, a light fitting that was first used on a cruise ship in 1902 and a bedstead I put together myself from pieces of driftwood! Furniture like this adds beauty, texture and depth to any interior design scheme--and it's easier to find than you might imagine, too. I've started this blog to share my passion for reclaimed and recycled furniture with the world, and I hope you're able to learn something new and exciting here.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right Furniture Paint

3 January 2017
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Paint can give anything in a room a complete makeover: ceiling, accessories, walls and even furniture. In fact, it's one of the most transformative options you have at your disposal. Most people concentrate on finding the best paint for their walls and ceilings, only to forget about furniture paint. Your furniture should come last and should complement your wall and ceiling colours. Selecting the right colour scheme for your furniture will make your furniture shine and increase its value. Read More …